Dent Weekly Updates for 2010-10-03

  • ? @johnnieingram: And to prove that the Guardian still publishes brilliance as well as bullshit, I present (via @qwghlm). #
  • Dealing with colleagues takes a lot of energy! #
  • About 10 hours after the first, I'm now off to the 2nd #ashtanga session… still feeling good about it, let's see what I say afterwards :-) #
  • I'm actually feeling great after my second #ashtanga session, was worried I'd be completely knackered, but no, light step, light mind. #
  • Judgement of Paris (Wine): and a re-match 30 years later: #
  • Yay, I have virtual folders in #dovecot *with* keywords. Brilliant! #
  • Are they building support for more laws impacting privacy in Sweden? #
  • Skäms! Hemskt att det kan gå till på det här viset. De som ligger bakom borde ju hängas ut. #

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