Dent Weekly Updates for 2010-09-05

  • Why can't I get empathy's contact list to hide in #xmonad I blame #empathy #
  • Yay, my unassisted head stand from last week wasn't just a fluke! #
  • Argh! I can't get to my kiwilight account today :-( Hopefully access will be restored shortly. I rely on it for ~/ ver ctrl and more. #
  • First attempt at John Scott's Beginner Level 2. Went all right. #ashtanga #
  • Is it possible to mount an ISO image using udisks? #linux #udisks #
  • So now #oasis builds again in #arch :-) #ocaml #
  • Short nice paper, with some good ideas on writing dependable servers. #ocaml #ssh #dependable #
  • Doc author at work just had a helpdesk person point out that there is an on-off button on the back of the computer that refused to turn on. #
  • Re-doing #knightrider probably looked like a good idea on paper! #
  • So, that's fileutils updated on #aur after being bitten by a missing x86_64 5 times this week. #ocaml #arch #
  • Article on trasactional memory, not that interesting, but a decent high-level introduction I suppose: #
  • Decided to cancel my gym membership. Instead I'll step up the #yoga by going to a proper yoga centre. #
  • Yay! Finally I've made use of ExistentialQuantification, #haskell #
  • ? @jgoerzen: Interesting (and long) article about Palin. Mentions her visit to Wichita. #

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  1. Yeah, I had that first problem too when I used XMonad. The code to show/hide the contact list is really crufty; there are workarounds cargo-culted from Rhythmbox which apparently fixed real-world problems with Metacity but no-one knows why. I feel like GtkTrayIcon should have solved this once and for all with some kind of gtk_tray_icon_set_toggle_window (GtkTrayIcon *, GtkWindow *) feature…

    If you can figure it out, there would be much rejoicing!

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