Dent Weekly Updates for 2010-08-22

  • #ubuntu devs, what are you smoking? the netbook remix includes cups! WTF? #
  • Have now heavily modified some Ubuntu packages to remove the more insane bits: openoffice, cups, f-spot, tomboy #
  • Yay, finally gotten some of the craziness out of #ubuntu netbook remix. Still a few things remaining, but much better now. #
  • I never manage to get empathy to work on #arch not sure why. #
  • It's painfully slow to download #PaulDotCom e206 this morning! #
  • I now have #empathy working at work, at least a bit, no luck with using #pidgin #039;s sipe though :( #
  • I really don't like when people cancel a meeting 2 minuntes before it starts! #
  • World map of happiness: (well, not really a map, an article about such a map) #
  • #microsoft really, it's 2010!!! How difficult is it to make re-sizable dialogue boxes? #
  • What a straw man argument! I was expecting better: #
  • Yay, managed to remove the use of MissingH in a #haskell tool. That's always a good thing :-) #
  • I suspect I've found a bug in cmdargs 0.2, however it only manifests itself when building with Cabal. Very strange. #haskell #
  • Ouch, vimoutliner can't be downloaded from the project site, just when I really could need it :-( Anyone out there who has a copy to share? #
  • I wonder if it's the upgrade to #ocaml 3.12 that broke the building of ocaml-data-notation. #
  • I've finally gotten around to finding out how to build #archlinux packages in a chroot. #
  • Worth watching for anyone using functional languages: #
  • I'm reading complaints from devs running Windows that they need to install a Unix emulator to use Haskell. I love it! #

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  1. What trouble are you having with using pidgin-sipe via telepathy-haze in Empathy? The main issue that I can see you might be hitting is this SSL certificate bug that I’ve never found time to finish my libpurple branch which is needed to fix it. Also, Stefan Becker of Nokia recently fixed some issues with haze and Sipe, so if you were using haze older than 0.3.5 it might be worth another shot.

  2. @ Will: I’m not sure since I couldn’t be bothered spending much time on it so far. My distro is on 0.4.0 (telepathy-haze) so I should have the improvements you mention :-) In any case I’ll try it again as soon as I can be bothered making another attempt. At the moment I’m not feeling much motivation hooking up to any of Microsoft cruft my employer insists on using :-)

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