Dent Weekly Updates for 2010-08-08

  • #ocaml craziness, 'land' is infix, so "land;;" gives a syntax error, "(land);;" is what you want, but docs don't mention this!!! #
  • Yay, another vim extension on #aur that can be removed since upstream releases as VBA; vim-scripts-xmledit #
  • Surely it's a bit silly that the username counts in replies! #
  • ? @johnnieingram: I'm trying to think how this could possibly be any cooler, but I'm coming up blank #
  • List changesets touching a set of files #hg for f in *.c; do hg log -f $f|grep changeset|cut -f2,3 -d:|tr -d ' '; done|sort|uniq #
  • Wanted: a #wp plugin that links a blog post to its reddit page (if there is one). #
  • Note to self: the only functioning #arch package for rpm is rpm-org (off of #aur of course). #
  • I'm still not quite back to normal after the £566 car "service" yesterday :( #
  • Seriously considering moving my CMake/OCaml stuff off of bitbucket, git+branches is just better than HG+patchqueues. #
  • So, now cmake-ocaml lives on github instead. #
  • Hacking a bit more on cmake-ocaml; adding simple annot support, not sure what I'm doing though, so likely to not be what people want :) #
  • Many Americans seem to confuse "loud minority" with "majority". #
  • Funny: #
  • I couldn't agree more: #
  • Yay, after recent kernel upgrade hibernate+suspend is now working properly. #arch #linux #

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