Disappointed in VMWare Player

Recently VMWare announced the release of a free (as in beer) “player”. (No link since it’s so easy to find using Google.) I thought this might be a way to finally install Linux on my most powerful machine. If I could use VMWare to run the VirtualPC images I use for work then I can throw out Windows altogether. Well, it was worth a shot anyway.

Major disappointment though! It turns out VMWare Player can’t handle VirtualPC images unless you run VMWare on Windows. It doesn’t even seem to be possible to use a VMWare on a Windows machine to convert the VirtualPC images to VMWare images. So, VMWare Player is useless to me, and I’ll be stuck running Windows a bit longer on my other machine…



  1. Actually… that is the trick. Unfortunately for me this is a chicken-and-egg problem. I don’t have any Windows PC here, but I do have an XP VirtualPC image. But only if I convert it using_windows I can run it…

  2. I’m having problems doing that though :(

    The first problem was that VMWare refuses to open a VirtualPC image unless you’re running as Administrator. It’s not enough to be in the Administrator group, you have to be administrator.

    Second I don’t succeed in moving the VMWare image afterwards. It can’t find the HD after I’ve moved everything around. Interestingly its dialogue mentions the exact path to the HD, but still it fails to find it.

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