Making a choice from a list in Haskell, Vty (part 4)

After part 3 in this series, which might have been the longest post I’ve ever put on this blog, follows a much short post. In fact it’s so short it’s rather silly.

In this post I’ll modify the Option type to render into multiple lines; two in fact (it’s easy to see that it would work with more lines).

So, to start off, I add a second string to Option:

data Option = Option { optionRange::(Int, Int), optionS1::String, optionS2::String }
    deriving (Show)

Next the definition for Pretty is changed to render an Option on two lines:

instance Pretty Option where
    pretty (Option _ s1 s2) = string s1 <> line <> indent 2 (string s2)

Due to the change to Option I also need to modify optionIsInRange:

optionIsInRange (Option (b, e) _ _) i = b <= i && i <= e

Finally the options need to be modified as well:

options = ozFromListWithMod (optionSetRange 0) [Option (0, 0) ((show i) ++ " Foo") "Bar" | i <- [0..2]]

That’s all there’s to it. Short and sweet.


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