Successful upgrade to Breezy

I’ve been walking around for a while wondering if I should dare upgrade my machine to Breezy. Given that my home machine still isn’t back (and it might never be actually) I didn’t have any place to check if upgrading Hoary to Breezy really worked—if I were to do it, it’d have to be on my work machine. I really didn’t want my work machine to be out of commission, running Linux in a Windowsshop has made me feel like I need to show just how stable Linux is, having to spend a day to re-install Hoary just because an upgrade to Breezy failed wasn’t really an option. Today I took the plunge, and it worked just fine!

I started with downloading all the needed packages:

$ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -d

Quite some time later I had a /var partition that was 93% full. I dropped out to a console and changed to single-user mode. I got myself a root shell with

$ sudo su -

And then started the upgrade. I did get two failures and dpkg bailed out but a simple apt-get -f install repaired it all and I could continue the upgrade. All in all I issued the following command:

# apt-get dist-upgrade
# apt-get -f install
# apt-get dist-upgrade
# apt-get -f install
# apt-get dist-upgrade

After the last dist-upgrade there was still one package that wasn’t upgraded, rhythmbox. Installing it explicitly took care of its dependencies:

# apt-get install rhythmbox

After some clean-up in /etc I was ready to reboot. Not a single problem :)


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