Ping server in Haskell (not that kind of ping, and rather silly)

Yesterday I needed to do some tests involving tunneling of network connections. Rather than firing up the full client-server setup that I want to tunnel I thought I’d use someting simple to test with first. Instead of looking online for a simple server to use, or hack one up using netcat, or even hack one in Python I decided to hack one in Haskell:

module Main where
import Control.Monad
import System.Environment(getArgs)
import Network
import System.IO
main = withSocketsDo $ do
    [port_str] <- getArgs
    let port = fromIntegral (read port_str :: Int)
    serv_sock <- listenOn (PortNumber port)
    forever $ do
        (handle, host, port) <- accept serv_sock
        cmd <- hGetLine handle
        when (cmd == "Ping") $ hPutStr handle "Pong"
        hClose handle

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