ComputerWebstore—avoid them!

Just thought I’d share my experiences from trying to buy an MP3 player from a crappy, online store called ComputerWebstore.

I’ll start with the shopping experience, in chronological order this is what happened:

  1. I placed an order on August 4 for a nice little MP3 player. I got an email confirming my order almost immediately. They estimated I’d have the player in 3-10 days.
  2. On August 8 they charged my credit card.
  3. Between August 8 and August 17 I went back a few times to their web pages to see what was happening. There seemed to be no progress with the order whatsoever. I did notice however that their web site didn’t work properly with Mozilla Firefox. It’s even mentioned that the browser you should use as a customer is IE. Yuck!!
  4. On August 17 I was fed up with waiting and wanted to cancel the order. Since the item still wasn’t shipped I thought there’d be no problem doing that. Except of course that their web site doesn’t allow cancelling orders. I found no telephone number, only a couple of email addresses and a promise to respond to emails within 24 hours. I sent an email requesting that my order be cancelled. I also did some digging and found out that the address to ComputerWebstore is actually a mail box rented from MBE Liverpool (they even replied to my email and confirmed that this was the case).
  5. 24 hours after the first email I still had no response, so I sent a second email reiterating my whish to cancel the order.
  6. On August 20 I had given up on ComputerWebstore and called ConsumerDirect to see what help they could offer. Quite impressive really that they are open on a Saturday! They sent me some template letters to send to the company.
  7. On August 22 I received an email from ComtpureWebstore, not as an answer to any of my previous emails, but they were saying that the model of MP3 player I had ordered was no longer available. They hadn’t even read my previous mails since they asked whether I’d like to order another model. Yeah, right, like I was going to do that! I replied asking them to cancel my order, again.
  8. The day after I received a letter saying that my order would be cancelled, and that I would be refunded.
  9. On August 24 the order was actually cancelled.
  10. On August 30 I got tired of waiting for the money and sent them another email asking why it took them 4 days to charge me and more than a week to refund me.
  11. On September 2 my credit card was credited with the full amount.

I’ll never order anything from ComputerWebStore again. Arguably they didn’t behave really bad, but their behaviour is not the kind that should be supported by keeping them in business. Anyway I did learn a few things from this:

  • Don’t order stuff from a web store without researching a bit first. I quick search on Google gives a link to reviews of ComputerWebstore on PriceRunner.
  • Don’t order stuff from a web store that don’t give out proper contact information. The lack of phone number and the fact that the address is a rented mail box is a bit dodgy.
  • ConsumerDirect is a good resource to have! Thank you DTI for providing it!


  1. hey teresa im having the exact sam problem at the moment they still havn’t cancelled my order ive already threatened them with trading standards police n court etc… n all they said was they would cancel the order asap and give me a refund and my order is still open. I also sent them an email sayin i had the adress and put the address in the e-mail and they just totally ignored that one.

  2. Slightly different but essentially the same “silly me- awful them” moment. (TBH I didn’t like the look of their site with its grotty testimonials sidebar but through greed and slackness I favoured them over my normal supplier for the sake of a couple of quid. Doh!). The quality, or complete lack of quality, in their customer services set me on the search I should have done beforehand and brought me here.

    At least this blog will help others to avoid them.

    I ordered a microSD card from them. A week or so later I get a Royal Mail Card saying Item Too Big to be delivered (“Packet” was ticked and this is what the Royal Mail say it means). The important difference is whatever it was (perhaps Charlotte’s external hard drive above who knows?) was then promptly “lost” by the Royal Mail.

    This drastic failure by RM is nothing to do with CWS obviously but reading this blog really makes me wonder how a company can package a micro-sd card in such a way that it can’t get through my letterbox and that has created the situation in the first place -although the RM have done a stunning follow-up act and made the situation nigh on hopeless. I really don’t believe CWS sent me the right thing in the first place and I will half-heartedly attempt the Consumer Direct route.

    I feel sorry for the person whose item it actually was as it was obvious larger and more valuable than my item.

    So no more telling off of my sweetheart for being so web unsavvy – I’m the dunce in these parts.

    Wouldn’t it be great if Trading Standards had a hotline to Google so ComputerWebStore could be wiped off the face of the web?

    Good luck in everyone’s attempts to get what they are owed.

  3. Can someone help me please? I ordered an HP Photosmart camera from ComputerWebstore on 18th October 2007. I received the camera, and duly returned it (recorded delivery) the following week since I had been given the same camera the during the time it took for the camera I ordered to arrive. It was signed for.

    The only reply to several emails since then was on 13th November 2007 stating that a refund would be given shortly. Now we are in February 2008, and I still have no refund. I sent a letter almost 3 weeks ago with all the emails attached. I have had no response.

    The camera was over £200!

    Any suggestions?

  4. Funny old thing, guess what I ordered an item on 5 Jan and still no sign of it. They were quick to reply to my email asking about the item and equally quick to reply to my first email after 2 weeks asking why it had not yet been sent. I was given the reply that the item was now in stock and being shipped that day. 10 days later still no item and surprise surprise now they are not answering my emails. I have now cancelled the order but not had any confirmation from them, As I paid by credit card I can claim the money back, however, I’d much rather have the item!!! Please for your own peace of mind….. avoid this company and save yourself much pain.

  5. My missing MicroSD did turn up — and yes it was entirely the fault of the Royal Mail (about ten times over- truly hopeless)

    However I won’t be rushing to use ComputerWebStore again for the sake of a few quid. I can see exactly what they are like even with a “successful” transaction – zero customer service and low standards regarding the provison of information about themselves.

    So I learnt my lesson for free. I hope everyone else gets their problems sorted soon.

  6. Almost impossible to contact these rogues,absolute rascals! They have broken every distant selling rule in the book. No response to emails, no notification when the item would be delivered. Order date was 25/07/2007 – it has been 8 months now! An illiterate bum answered my query e-mail on 24/03/2008 as: ‘Hello unfortunately this model of case is no longer available.Would you be interested in another model?’ What a joke! Took them 8 months to realise this and no response to my e-mail pertaining to a refund. This company needs to be banned. My story is no different to the rest of the reviews. I am surprised that their website is still up and running. I hope something is done about this before others fall prey to these thieves.

  7. help i handed over 1100 on friday night for a big tv and 2 protracting wall arms. funnily enough i think on saturday my wife came in an mentioned some things shed seen on watchdog regarding companies setting up online and then not delivering!! NOW I FEEL REALLY STUPID BY NOT READING THIS FIRST. Does anybody know if anyone has had a positive experience with this company?

  8. Just to let you know, all my equipment did show up although a week later than they originally told me. so not a perfect experience but an okay one. if they had been honest and just set my expectations at the outset that that was the date i wouldn’t have worried for a week! 7/10

  9. AArgghh…just found this and another review site – AFTER I ordered a, luckily small, item from them. Same story – ordered on 9 March, money taken immediately, website stated ‘in stock’. Confirmation email arrived immediately stating 3 days delivery time. Needless to say, nothing arrived and my first email to them went unanswered. Second one they said it would be coming into stock soon (?) and be dispatched as soon as. Two weeks later another email from me chasing them up, threatening to cancel the order if they didn’t deliver within a week. They answered it would be in stock next week and delivered within that week. That was 15 April.

    Needless to say, I still have not received the item and another email to them sent yesterday remains unanswered. I wonder if there is any point canceling, as I probably won’t get my money back anyway. Which is exactly what they’re banking on, I assume. But as the amount is under £100, I’m not covered under the consumer credit act. +sigh+

    So, just to recap:

    DO. . . . . . NOT. . . . . . USE. . . . . . THEM. . . . . . . . .


  10. Ordered a Sandisk Sansa from computerwebstore on Tuesday as it was £20 cheaper than anywhere else. Read these posts on Wednesday and wished I hadn’t. Item arrived on Thursday and works fine. Happy days.

  11. My God, I thought i would check these guys out as have not seen them before and am glad i did, was going to order a mp3 player from them but not now!

    I hope you all get your issues resolved with these cowboys

    Good Luck

  12. Ssame experience. Laser printer ordered in January 2008. Not deliverd and informed after several e-mails that the product is out of stock. Replacement product declined [obviously].

    Request for refund ignored for 1 month. Several empty promises to refund today, tomorrow, next week. Two months later [end of May], after informing Consumer Direct [who in turn informed Merseyside police] finally a refund- 4 months after taking funds from my credit card.

    Completely unacceptable service bordering on criminal practice.

  13. Purchased a mp3 player from them May ’08 which was faulty. After emailing them telling them it was faulty i got this reply quote “Hello have you managed to sort the problem or does the item need to be replaced?” doh really inspires confidence. Anyway i tell them yes its still faulty and eventially they agree to a replacement. I return the faulty player to them recorded delievery and thats the last i have heard. Emailed them on numerous occasions asking about the replacement they offered no i have asked for my money back – no response. Looks like im procedding down the legal path with this lot. Does anybodody know if this contact information is still relevent ?.

    Contacts for Computerwebstore



  14. Iam furious – I have had exactly the same experience. I originally ordered the camera on the 30th of June, and 7 days later I still hadn’t received the product and so I enquired as to its whereabouts. Then I received an error message from the store on the 5th of July saying my credit card expired and the order could not be processed. Funny, I thought, seeing as they had already taken my money and the transaction could be seen on the credit card statement online. So I obviously questionned it. Then on the 8th of July they said the message wasnt for me but the camera I had ordered had been discontinued. That’s all they said! They didn’t ask me if I wanted a refund or even if I wanted the new version. So, furious at this point, I replied back and asked for a refund because I could not believe the poor service I was receiving and I had completely lost trust after false promises and error messages. Then a whole WEEK later – on the 14th of July – they actually decided to reply saying yes you can have a refund, “do you not want the 300 version”? Obviously, I replied back saying no and requesting a refund again. Then on the 17th of July I received an email saying “Hello your order has now been cancelled and a refund will follow shortly.” It is now the 1st of August and I still have no refund. I have sent many more emails to enquire about the status of my refund with guess what…no reply! There’s no phone number to call them and question their actions, and so I feel completely lost as to what to do! I am looking to take the matter further, and like most others, I cannot believe trading standards haven’t stepped in and stopped them trading what with all of these complaints! This is something Watchdog should be looking at. My theory is they’re taking people’s money for products they don’t really have, holding it and making money out of it and then giving it back to people…

  15. I’ve had a similar experience with Computerwebstore, however I pursued them regarding the retrieval of my VAT from the inland revenue. I found that as soon as I included the fraud reporting address of HMRC (HM Revenue & Customs) as a CC on my correspondence they seemed to refund me quickly. I also included the text “I believe this company may be operating a Missing Trader Intra Community (Carousel) Fraud or other fraud”. Along with information from the “companies house” website. I received a personal Cheque from R Perry (on behalf of Computerwebstore) from the companies account with Barclays, Liverpool Water St Branch (sort code 20-51-01). Their account number is 30079928. I would suggest that as many disgruntled customers contact the bank, they may well cut ties with them as it may be bad publicity for this company that IS operating a scam.

  16. Right…I’ve finally got my money back – FINALLY – after a month and a half of waiting! [Nearly 2 months of waiting infact...] I thought I would share details of how I did this for all of you people that are still waiting for a refund. [Although this will only work in principle if your order was over £100 and bought on your credit card]

    1) Keep emailing computerwebstore pestering them 2) When you receive no reply [you're already in this stage] email them a semi-threatening letter stating you will inform trading standards, consumer direct, and your bank of this “fraudulent” transaction and legal action will be taken 3)Call Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06 and tell them what’s happened/register as a case. They will give you explicit advice on the letter you need to write to your credit card company to get this money back, arming you with information on the various laws that protect you and infact, they write the letter for you giving you a word by word body of text for your letter. 4) Call your bank and ask them what address you need to send the letter to 5) Print two copies of the letter [one for yourself, one for the bank] and send one copy recorded delivery to your bank with a covering letter [Consumer Direct will advise you on the contents of this too] 6) Await a response 7) The response is normally another letter from your bank asking you to write a detailed letter surrounding the transaction and for any receipts etc that backs up your purchase. Send this off, again recorded delivery and keep a copy [but by law they have to refund your money within 30 days under a certain regulation such as the distance selling reg or something - ask consumer direct] 8) If in the meantime you haven’t heard back from Computerwebstore [which I did in the end], await a response again, and perhaps even call Consumer direct again for further advice…

    By this time in the process I had gotten my money back…if anyone else has anything else to add, do let me know. I have reported the website to Watchdog in hope they will pick this up. I have added in the link to this blog too as an affirmation of the height of the problem. I cannot believe there are so many people out of pocket! something needs to happen!

  17. Without boring everyone with the specific details of my case, I’ve had a generally similar experience to most of you. Funds (£400+) taken from credit card, goods ‘out of stock’, order cancelled, refund promised again and again. Eventually e-mails no longer answered.

    Matter passed to my bank who were very helpful and professional and after allowing the mandatory 30 days to pass, from date refund was first promised, they have now recredited me and charged the amount back to to CWS bankers.

    These ****holes are little better than common criminals and they deserve to be driven out of business.

    Although it will probably be a waste of time, I fully intend to make sure their name passes over the desk at Trading Standards and the local police.

    If you have surfed into this thread looking for background on Computerwebstore, do not have any dealings with them. You WILL live to regret it, if you do.

  18. God I wish I would have seen this earlier! I ordered a tv for my girlfriend a few weeks back and am getting no response from the uselss to$$ers.

    Now I’m going to be left without her present for xmas no doubt plus im gonna have to try to get a refund for her present!

  19. Noticed most of the comments on here are all 2008 well guess what….

    Computerwebstores NY Resolution was not to look after their customers. I have just been done on the same scam (money accepted… item out of stock… no reply to emails) and am taking the necessary steps to get my money back. I have contacted the police, watchdog, rogue traders, ECC: Trading Standards Institute (not very helpful) My bank Natwest (also not very helpful) Google, Thawte, Purple Sheep, all asking for advice and or reporting the customer service these cowboys are providing.

    Early stages so i appreciate all the information people are posting on here. I am recording all my steps so will share all with everyone once i see results.

  20. I have had the exact same experience as most other people here. I ordered a printer in Dec 08 and have still not receive it in Feb 09. I have tried to contact them three times.

    I shall be taking action as described above.

    The people who run the ComputerWebstore site should be locked up!!!!


  21. Same old story – but for a lot more than most. I ordered a camera from them for £1700 on the grounds of a favourable blog on The next day I found this page and several others and decided to cancel. This i did and also sent a letter by recorded delivery which reached them 4 days after the initial order ( well within the 7 day ‘cooling off’ period allowed under the Distance Selling regulations). Since then I have sent repeated emails with tardy responses that a refund would be forthcoming shortly – it never has. Now they appear to have stopped responding to my emails. Informed and completed relevant forms from my credit card company. It is now in their hands. Also contacted Consumer direct and will inform Trading standards. These guys are just thieves!!!!

  22. Hi have had similiar problems

    Bought a Palm Z22 from them back on February 05th (they had one in stock), they took my money on the 10th of February Its now the 07th of March nearly a month later, no replies to Emails so I have sent them a warning email to respond and refund my money, if this doesn’t happen then I will take further action.

    Everyone let us know any updates on this company.

  23. Well it seems I have now joined an increasingly growing list of people ‘scammed’ by , I parted, on the strength of seeing them listed on pricerunner, with £355.95 for a lap top.However their intitial email stated that it was a confirmation of receipt of my submitted order not a confirmation of my order, I misguidedly thought that I would be billed when my order got processed….wrong! They took my money straight away and to date I have no goods. My credit card company is now dealing with them in an endeavour to recover my money. I sincerely wish I had seen this forum before getting invloved with this bunch of lowlife! Bernie

  24. Same old story, goods not in stock, card still debited. I did however get a refund because I would not let go.

  25. Me too wont go into details but i’m down about £60.00 its been a couple of months now so I either forget about it or get even!!! I wonder if Howard Steven Perry pays google for pay-per-click…. it could help if we all just use google and click away, we can hope he ends up with a massive bill or his clicks run out and he doesnt have a pressence on google and in turn no sales. he he

  26. Please contact police on 0151 709 6010 with any issues relating to or Computer Webstore or Howard Steven Perry (who works this website out of his flat and has no stock)

    Purplesheep Limited / LTD are also partners with this company. Do not purchase anything from them.

  27. DAMN DAMN DAMN is all I can really say, I normally order from dabs, and never had a problem, thanks to google this site said I could get my product for £10 cheaper, thought ok cool….

    well guess what after 1 month of waiting & no replies i did some searching, found this….

    as I used my c/c I’ll get a refund that way.

    How are is this company still allowed to trade!!!!

  28. Posted a reply over 3 months ago with regard to Computerwebstore. Had absolutely no joy with them. Had to get a refund via the Creditcard (which was a real tussle). Have spoken to Liverpool Trading Standards and they have taken a statement which they may use in a civil action against CWS. AVOID Computerwebstore LIKE THE PLAGUE – they are thieves

  29. never use computerwebstore;iv contacted the police and trading standards,DO NOT TOUCH THEM;;;;;;;

  30. Suckered to the tune of £117. Over to Lancashire Trading Standards and the police now, but it’s unbelievable that they are still able to trade so misleadingly (and enjoy the interest that our cash is earning them.) Thanks to Elektra and BigLes for hard information, which I’ll pass on (though without any great hopes) and probably publicise on my blog, tagged, in the hope that Google will pick it up!

  31. I spent £90 with this chancers. Inistally the site said there was 70 of the item in stock. After a week with no reply to any emails I tried to cancel my order. Another week rolled by. In the end it took a month to get my cash back and onyl when I started to treaten the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000. (The regulations provide a trader with 30 days to deliver goods before being considered in breach of the contract. A consumer can cancel at any point up until 7 working days from the day after delivery. If a consumer cancels the trader can take a maximum of 30 days to refund.)

    they made damn sure they were holding on to my cash for 30days. the are a shower of scammers simple check out reviews on the web. Avoid!!!!

  32. Ordered a Foxconn barebones PC. Initially was told to expect delivery in 3 day. After the 3 days was informed that it had just been dispatched. A further 10 days later, managed to get a response to my enquiries – it had not yet been dispatched.

    Based on this and on other reviews I’ve read, it looks like computerwebstore are just after your money and will try to avoid providing the goods. I would advise against dealing with them, even if their prices look tempting.

  33. ordered couple of boards for around £130 each, then a laptop a month later and got both of them quickly within the delivery times promised I did freak out when I saw these bad reviews and I emailed them directly and said (can you honestly tell me if I will receive my motherboard because I found reviews saying that they didnt receive many of your sutff) got a reply in 20 minutes, (yes sure its in stock and I will dispatch today)

    got it next day! very happy, I think its a thing of the past if you look at the comments they’re mostly in 2005 and 2007 I would probably not buy items from them worth £400 and more but be aware that with any website if the worst happens you can just call your bank and declare it as fraud and they refund you what ever you bought in 1 week.

  34. Ordered a computer of these crooks – got a despatch email then nothing over a week later they’ve not replied to any of my emails and there’s no phone number… I’m going via my credit card company to get my money back and have reported them to trading standards.








  35. same problem as above. Charged for item but not sent. No response to emails. AGREE THEY ARE CROOKS

  36. Been chasing an order since 13-10-09. They say the item has been sent but it obviously has not. Am now contacting trading standards to try to get my money back and am trying to find out about getting them removed from google shopping.

  37. If you have been conned by these crooks PLEASE report to Trading standards It’s only when they get enough complaints they will actually do something.

    These people are crooks

    I have just had the usual experience no goods no e-mails gone through credit card to refund I have also reported them to the credit card company to for them to take action by taking away their ability to take credit cards I suggest you all do same.

    By the way if anyone wants to pay them a visit to express their displeasure (lawfully) Computerwebstore Ltd Imperial Court Exchange Street East Liverpool United Kingdom L2 3AB Contact s for Computerwebstore HOWARD STEVEN PERRY Owner formerly HSP Global 356 WATERLOO QUAY WATERLOO ROAD LIVERPOOL L3 0BT TEL: 0151 227 9278


  38. Ordered goods to the value of £250 on November 18th with a covering email saying I wanted delievery within 7 days or cancel the order. Despite sending them 14 emails so far, I registered letter and reporting them to Liverpool Police who say they are ‘being watched’, I’ve heard and receieved nothing. No replies to any emails or the letter and my order still shows as open on their website. I have also advised trading standards who say they are ‘investigating’ Currently my credit card is chasing a chargeback from their bank and I have had all interest on the ammount frozen.

  39. I am a recent victim of Computerwebstore. I ordered a product in September 2009, they took payment the next day via Visa Debit. After many problems with this company I decided to call trading standards, they advised me to cancel my order under the Consumer Protection Regulations 2000, this means they legally have 30 days to pay me my refund. They failed to do this, I therefore have to claim my money back via my banks fraud department.

    The addressee shown on is actually a company called Mail Boxes Etc, computerwebstore rent out a post office box!

    I have been in contact with the operations manager of Mail boxes etc to make them aware of Computerwebstore. Computerwebstore are in breach of Mail Boxes Etc terms and conditions (mail box rental points 6 and 7), therefore with enough complaints they should terminate their service with Computerwebstore. It is legal requirement for a company to have a permanent addressee, I hope to stop Computerwebstore conning other people.

    Please contact Eve Jackson at:

    Mail Boxes Etc (UK) Ltd 15 Cromwell Park Chipping Norton Oxfordshire OX7 5SR

    Post Office Box that Computerwebstore use:

    Mail Boxes Etc Unit 1A Imperial Court Exchange Street East Liverpool L2 3AB

  40. Had the same problem with the tossers myself, ordered an Archos media tablet £250 plus, money taken immediately, sent them an email saying I wanted it delivered within 7 days or they could cancel. So far two weeks down the line the order is still ‘open’. Have emailed them 12 times no reply to anything. Have sent registered letter telling them they had breached the contract and that I require a full refund followed by even more emails and have not had any communication with them whatsoever. The CC company says we have to give them 30 days and they will get the money back but now all I want is a refund so I can reorder somewhere else. They are a load of wa****s have reported to Liverpool Police and Trading Standards both of who say ‘they are investigating’ AVOID THIS BUNCH OF LOSERS LIKE THE PLAGUE

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  42. I had a similar peoblem, website said delivery est. within three days, place order, took money, then a week later i email asking about delivery, was emailed an invoice a few days later, emailed them again and again no reply. one month on, no responses, no goods, no refund. have requested a visa chargeback.

    a company called 0870 974 3694 run and host their site and get commision for avery transaction, hassle these guys to shut this company down!

  43. im also gutted i paid 125 pound for an item for my sons christmas present . It still has not turned up and i have no money to buy him anything else i could cry. I ordered it on my visa card and not sure how i go about getting my money back. Iv emailed cws and got no response . Feel like an idiot and i have let my son down for christmas by being so

  44. It seems everybody has the same problem.Will teach me in future to look at more forums re net purchase. I bought goods £285 on behalf of a charity and outcome the same as above. Have informed Trading Standards etc,but looks like these crooks slip through the net

  45. I should have added that I was advised to send a recorded delivery to this company.I did better than that I sent 3,one to each of the persons listed and one to the company address. I do not hold my breath just hope that my credit card co is sympathetic

  46. Have just been caught out by this site, what a way to run a business. No reponse what so ever to emails however sent not Phone number and teh home phone number of the owner is unobtainable. I have been told they are utterly incompetent and are overwhelmed with orders and cannot cope, that does not excuse no replies or refunds when requested. This now goes legal. What really annoy’s me is the fact that the Securre by Visa is used and it was used to verify my purchase, but when contacting Visa they only seem to be interested in repaying you whne you fill in a form what I want to see is them take action against the site and remove teh link so If the card cannot be verified I can go elsewhere. I now do not trust the Visa verification route.

  47. Sorry to hear about peoples problems, i ordered £270.99 worth of goods and waited, three weeks past, nothing. Asked about goods, told they will be posted tomorrow, this was december 14th. I waited another week and nothing. Contacted bank, they advised me to try my best to resolve the matter, I sent two more emails making it plain it was my intention to persue this matter, no replies, the outcome eight weeks later, I got a chargeback today 23/01/10. Avoid, avoid avoid. If you used visa debit, ask for a chargeback within 120 days.

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