Useful thing when adopting test-framework after already using HUnit

I found test-framework today. In adopting it with my already existing unit tests I found this function to be rather useful:

import Test.HUnit
import qualified Test.Framework.Providers.API as TFAPI
unitTest2TFTest :: Test -> [TFAPI.Test]
unitTest2TFTest t = let
        unitTest2TFTest' desc (TestCase a) = [testCase desc a]
        unitTest2TFTest' desc (TestLabel s t) = unitTest2TFTest' (desc ++ ":" ++ s) t
        unitTest2TFTest' desc (TestList ts) = concat $ map (unitTest2TFTest' desc) ts
    in unitTest2TFTest' "" t

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  1. Magnus,

    Thanks for using test-framework, and thanks for your feedback! I’m going to include a version of this function in the next iteration of test-framework-hunit (called hUnitTestToTests), so others can benefit from this.

    Cheers, Max

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