Burning audio CDs on Linux

I just had a blast from the past!

Being somewhat spoiled by the current state of Linux-on-the-desktop (Gnome in my case) I have become used to inserting a blank CD, point Nautilus to burn:///, dragging and dropping a few files into it, and finally clicking the “Burn to CD” button. Works beautifully. Of course I thought that Nautilus’ CD-burning would know about audio CDs. So I dragged a few WAV files into Nautilus and clicked the button. VoilĂ , a data CD containing a few Wav files! Not really what I wanted.

So, to avoid this in the future here is the command line to use:

wodim -v dev=0,0,0 speed=40 -audio -pad *.wav


  1. If you are running a standard GNOME desktop, Serpentine Audio CD Creator should be available for you under Applications -> Sound & Video.

  2. Or what about Brasero, it’s installed by default at least since Feisty.

  3. @Mattias, I found serpentine after I installed the meta-package gnome, with just gnome-core and gnome-desktop it wasn’t there.

    @Tilo, sure if I ran Ubuntu maybe ;) It’s good to know for the future though, so thanks for mentioning it.

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