Omnicodec released

Four days ago I uploaded omnicodec to Hackage. It’s a collection of two simple command-line utilities for encoding and decoding data built on the dataenc package. I’m planning on building a Debian package for it as soon as I find the time.



  1. What does omnicodec do? Why would I want to use it? Encoding/decoding data is a pretty broad topic. What kind of data? Which encodings?

  2. @Antoine

    It encodes and decodes data.

    It has a good (in my opinion) UI for command line use, better than for instance uuencode/uudecode.

    Any data.

    All of the encodings supported by dataenc, i.e. Uuencode, Base64, Base64Url, Base32, Base32Hex, and Base16.

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