Why is it so difficult to stick to iso-8859-1?

I guess I’m being pedantic but this is starting to irritate me. For all you people who create web content out there: iso8859-1 is not equal to windows-1252!

I’m increasingly coming across pages where this is an issue. It seems most browsers (IE, firefox, possibly Opera too) treat iso-8859-1 as windows-1252, which means most users don’t have to deal with pages like this. I can’t understand why FLOSS people can’t get it right, and it’s downright embarassing when Debian-related sites get it wrong ;-)


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  1. Old post I know, but I’ve just come across this problem today! It seems that even submitting content with a certain curly apostrophe in an ISO-8859-1 page will cause Firefox and IE to send it as 0x92, the Windows-1251 character. This is even though I’m on Ubuntu, not Windows! It’s a compatibility “feature” in these browsers, which makes it hard to work with ISO-8859-1 even if you’re doing everything according to the rules!

    Just one more reason to move to UTF-8 :)


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