OGG podcasts, no OGG feeds

I just received my new Samsung portable music player. The main reason for choosing Samsung was that it plays OGG.

After going through the podcasts I listen to I have two that I want to shame. I won’t name the podcasts that don’t do OGG—I can’t really blame them because the demand for it is probably not that high. The podcasts that deserve a bork-out are LQ and FLOSS weekly, both do offer OGG versions, but neither offer a feed for it!



  1. Agree!

    I thought of writing a simple www script to replace the .mp3 paths in the .rss file with the proper .ogg paths and serving that on my web page. Maybe that would work, assuming the .ogg file URLs match with the .mp3 ones?

  2. Yeah, go for it! It shouldn’t be too difficult. Make sure to let me know when you’ve got something working that you’d like to have tested :-)

  3. Sorry, I have had it for a long time now, I just didn’t check back here. Now that there’s a new episode, I have to check why it’s not running any more on my MythTV box. I think I made it with Django.

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