DPA SAR from T-Mobile

A while ago I signed up for the SAR (subject access request) pledge on PledgeBank. I’ve taken even longer to get started than Matt (original post, second post), but since he doesn’t seem to have finished yet (if you have Matt, you really should string the entries together).

I basically wen’t the same route as Matt on this, I choose my mobile phone provider—T-Mobile. I’ve only lived in the UK for about 18 months, and I got a T-Mobile PYG the first week in the country. It’ll be interesting to see just how much they’ve managed to collect in that time.

I started with going to the horses mouth regarding SARs. The link in Matt’s blog lead to a non-existing page. A quick search on ICO’s pages lead me to a PDF about subject access.

T-Mobile doesn’t list a contact for this purpose, and nothing on their “Contact Us” page seemed relevant. I went for the “Write Us” link at the bottom and voilá, there was the address of the head office:

Hatfield Business Park
AL10 9BW

I’ll be writing a letter based on the sample in ICO’s PDF and send it off as soon as possible.

Stay tuned.


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